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Event Center Details


300 people seated banquet style in the Ballroom

Rented seating for Outdoor Stage


Wood ceiling, unique chandeliers, large marble fireplace, and park views.  Covered patio. Park access.


Ballroom - 50' x 95'

Fireplace - 30' wide 9' tall

Dance Floor - 28' x 25'

Outdoor Stage - 25' semi-circle, mesh canopy at 10'


Event Center Public Parking Lot, 115 spaces, 15 HDCP.

Highway 41 will be under construction April - November 2023. Here are the access and detour maps for the different phases of construction.


No tape, staples, pins, etc.  Freestanding décor is best.

No confetti, glitter, rice, etc.

Candles are allowed, but must be on a table and in a vase where the glass is higher than the flame.

Decorating Guidelines

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